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Disc Healing Process and Illustrations

Progressive Stages of Disc Damage

  • The disc goes through a drying out process called disc degeneration that usually takes several years. The disc becomes brittle, cracks and tears through the outer ring called the annulus.
  • Next the nucleus pushes through the annulus causing the disc to bulge.
  • The annulus now tears completely through and a herniation is produced.





How Decompression Heals the Disc

Reversing the damage with the SpineTREX Decompression Program. The pressure inside the disc drops from a a positive 25 millimeters mercury to a negative pressure 150 millimeters mercury producing a vacuum effect. This negative pressure draws into the disc water, oxygen, and nutrients, thereby re-hydrating the degenerated disc. Repeated pressure differential draws the center jelly like substance, the herniated nucleus back into place.

Three Dimensional View of the Disc Retracting from Decompression

The red protrusion is the herniated nucleus of the disc, pressing on the nerve that can send abnormal sensations such as pain or numbness down the leg.


You can see that the red protrusion representing the herniated disc is retracting due to the vacuum effect produced by the decompression.

MRI Demonstrating the Retraction of the Herniation and Healing of the Disc

This patient had a five year history of on and off back pain until a fall produced a sharp shooting pain down her right leg. The MRI demonstrated a significant disc herniation. The radiologist who was unfamiliar with the SpineTREX decompression program stated he thought her only option was disc surgery.

After 6 weeks of the SpineTREX program she was pain free. A follow up MRI was taken a few months later and demonstrated that the disc was healed.

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